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iDOCS 2018: Films Currently Under Consideration For Presentation (06/10/2018)
No. Country Film Name (English) Director(s)
1 Uk Time Trial Finlay Pretsell
2 USA God Knows Where I Am  Jedd Wider& Todd Wider
3 USA Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory Michael Rossato-Bennett
4 USA Dina Dan Sickles, Antonio Santini
5 Netherlands Deaf Child Alex de Ronde 
6 Netherlands Alicia Maasja Ooms  
7 Netherlands The Last Fight Victor Vroegindeweij
8 Norway Becoming Citizen Janne Lindgren
10 Norway Childhood Margreth Olin
11 Norway Dancing for You Erlend E. Mo
12 Poland Close Ties Zofia Kowalewska  
13 Poland, Germany, Finland Over The Limit Marta Prus
14 Paraguay/Norway/Brazil/USA Landfill Harmonic Brad Allgood, Graham Townsley 
15 Russia Holy God Vladlena Sandu
16 Russia Harmony Lidia Sheinin
17 Denmark The Stranger Nicole Nielsen Horanyi
18 France The Goddesses of Food Vérane Frédiani
19  Israel/Sweden/Germany/Netherlands Mr. Gaga Tomer Heymann
20 Israel  Presenting Princess Shaw Ido Haar
21 Belarus DEBUT Anastasiya Miroschnichenko 
22 Switzerland The Making of a Dream Daniela Ambrosoli
23 Sweden The Language of Silence Frans Huhta
24 Georgia Listen To The Silence  MARIAM CHACHIA
25 Austria GWENDOLYN  Ruth Kaaserer
26 Finland Once I Was a Dragonfly Elli Toivoniemi
27 Canada/Chile Resurrecting Hassan Carlo Guillermo Proto

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