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What is Trailer Park?
Trailer Park is a new professional activity brought out by iDOCS in the 2010 International Documentary Forum. It requires every registered member of this acitivity hand in a 1 to 3-minute trailer and the logline of the trailer as well.
3 to 5 masters will select about 20 trailers to screen and comment on the works on the spot. The masters will point out both the merits and demerits of every selected trailer and provide their suggestions to improve it and share their practical experiences.
The 2010 &2011iDOCS Trailer Park were well received. The comments from the masters are sincere and direct. Many members say that they have learned a lot of practical and useful knowledge through this activity.
The response from the attendees:
Thank the masters for their understanding and suggestions to the Chinese filmmakers. I gained a lot through the mirror-like comparisons and communications.
——Independent Filmmaker Zhang Zhanying
The masters are very frank and practical. Their explanations are detailed and concrete. This is what we want.
——Independent Filmmaker Yu Ming
They combine cases with explanation which is so useful and detailed.
—— CCTV Director He Dongli
The teaching of the masters are very direct. I’ve learned a lot and I should think through. My mind has been expanded.
—— Art School of Sichuan University Wang Xin
Why do we organize Trailer Park?
To some extent, trailer is the soul and essence of a documentary. It plays a decisive role in promoting the documentary. So the trailer reflects how the director controls the direction of the content and the structure of the film. It also reflects whether the filmmaker is professional or not in video, sound and editing.
How to tell a story and edit are the common weaknesses of the Chinese documentary filmmakers. Through the guidance of the masters, we all the members can understand why we should make a trailer, what makes a good trailer and how to make an excellent trailer.
Trailer park is on the last day of Masters Workshop. All the attendees can have an opportunity to combine their learning knowledge with practical experiences so as to gain the complete knowledge of how to make a good documentary.
How to participate in Trailer Park?
Targets: This activity is limited to the registered attendees of 2014 iDOCS.
Form: After registration, please hand in a 1 to 3-minute trailer with English subtitles and a logline both in English and Chinese for the documentary. The format for the trailer should be MP4 only.
The masters will select 15 to 20 trailers to screen in Trailer Park and comment on them on location.
Date due: November 30th, 2014. The trailer over 3 minutes will not be chosen nor be commented.
Delivery: Please e-mail to .
Please label the name of the trailer and the information of the director,your phone number and your email address . Trailers without labeling will not be accepted.
Tel: 010-88550622/88550623
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